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Goodbye iPod

Well, it finally happened. My 3rd generation 20Gig iPod has gone to iPod purgatory. I say purgatory because it’s not quite dead, but it doesn’t work for shit either. The hard drive (yes, the hard drive) spins up and whirs before making this awesome *clunk* sound. Yeah, putting a spinning disk in a device that Apple urged you to use while jogging and dancing was a ridiculous idea, but they managed to sell a fuckload of them. It’s brilliant really. Make a device that’ll break (hopefully) in 1 year.

I’m not angry though.

6 years, man! I had the thing for 6 years, which may have been a record if I hadn’t replaced the hard disk once already. Oh the times we had. On the bus, in the bathroom, in jail. It was awesome.

third generation ipod

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